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Who We are

Flux is a creative design and engineering studio specialized in developing a wide spectrum of industrial products and cutting-edge automotive parts. With a fusion of creativity and technical expertise, we are dedicated to transform ideas into tangible and innovative realities. 


We are proud of our all-encompassing strategy, which combines industrial realities, creative thinking, and a keen awareness of trends to produce outstanding outcomes. Our attention to detail and understanding of materials, technology, and manufacturing processes drives us to come up with solutions that are not only designed to please but also usable and high performers in real life. We thrive on the creative process of design and the science of engineering, crafting solutions that make a positive impact on the people who use it, and the businesses that create it.


Core Values

  • A culture of creativity and innovation

  • Open and transparent communication

  • Delivering on-time solutions

  • Adaptability and Flexibility

  • Client-Centric Approach

Our Clients



  • Design Turkey - Good Design Award, 2021

  • German Design Award - Special, 2019

  • Design Turkey - Superior Design award, 2018

  • Automotive Brand Contest - Winner, 2018

  • Plus X Award - High Quality Design, 2016

  • Design Turkey - Good Design Award, 2009

  • Reddot Award - Product Design, 2005

  • YKK Design Award, 2001

  • 4 Patents + 19 Design Registrations

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